Announcing our Digital Letter-Writing Campaign to End Child Marriage

April 10, 2020

Global Hope 365 and the California Coalition to End Child Marriage are excited to announce our digital letter-writing campaign. As you know, Global Hope 365 has been actively educating citizens, policymakers, and legislators on the dynamics and abuses of Child Marriage for a year and a half. In September 2019 we launched the California Coalition to End Child Marriage as an initiative to increase momentum and solidify support from community leaders and elected officials.

Rima Nashashibi, Founder and President of Global Hope 365 was tireless in her advocacy through speaking engagements, conferences, town halls, events, and interviews.  During that time we have learned a few things.  After citizens get over the shock of learning that Child Marriage is legal in California and 47 other states they want to help end it once and for all. Then the world shifted as we were hit by a global pandemic.

We deeply contemplated how to advance the mission.  We know our supporters are passionate and care deeply about equality for women.  Many policymakers and lawmakers in the state of California are generally not well-informed of the abuses of Child Marriage. Of the policymakers that are informed, the letter-writing campaign allows them to prioritize ending Child Marriage. Our digital letter-writing campaign powered by Action Network allows California residents to help inform Governor Newsom and the state legislators that California residents want to end Child Marriage. A copy of this digital letter will also be sent to California's Congressional Representatives.

 Child Marriage is defined as a human rights abuse by Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, and UNICEF. We must protect our own children in the state of California.
Current law provisions in the state of California require parental consent for Child Marriage which are exactly the provisions that allow this abuse to persist. To end the statutory rape of minors, we must end Child Marriage. We ask you to support our campaign by completing this form to advocate for “No Child Marriage under 18, No Exceptions.”

In the age of social distancing, we encourage you to exercise your civic engagement. Please take action and share it with your network on social media.